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Tutoriales de Adobe Flash e Actionscript

Sábado, Outubro 24th, 2009

Newest Adobe Flash Tutorials

Video Tutorials on Flash

Flash Tutorials

Adobe Flash: Tutorials and Actionscript

Flash and Math ActionScript 3 Tutorials

Flash Kit: A Flash Developer Resource Site

Flash and ActionScript Tutorials

Adobe Flash Tutorials – Best of

22 Versatile Adobe Flash Menu and Navigation Tutorials

tTips, tricks and freebies

Xoves, Outubro 22nd, 2009
  1. Tips and Tricks of Vectips

  2. Freebies of Vector.Tutsplus

  3. Freebies of Gomediazine

  4. Freebies of Blog.Spoongraphics

  5. Tips & Tricks of Vectordiary

  6. QuickTips of  FreeTransform

  7. Freebies of Bittbox

  8. Freebies of AIvault

  9. Tool Tips and Tricks of Kevin Husley

3 icon, 4 brush, 5 halftone, 6 mesh tool

Mércores, Outubro 21st, 2009

Icon Design

Brushes art blog

  • Adobe photoshop brushes

  • Adobe Illustrator brushes

  • GIMP brushes

  • PAINT SHOP PRO brushes

Halftone Patterns

Mesh Tool In Illustrator


Sábado, Outubro 17th, 2009

Create A Cartoon Cloud In GIMP
7 Set di pennelli per GIMP
Best of GIMP brushes: 35+ brush sets (1400+ brushes)
Installing plugins, scripts, brushes and gradients in GIMP
Top 40+ GIMP plugins
Gimp Tip : Isolate image from background
How to Make a Banner for Your Blog using Gimp
32 GIMP tutorials to get Photoshop-like effects
GIMP for Beginners: User Interface, Understanding Layers & Toolbox Demystified
How to Create Steampunk Photography Using GIMP
Plugins para GIMP
Gimp Video Tutorials: Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art, The User Interface, How to Change Hair Color, Creating a Sketch Effect Using the Gimp, Transparent Glass Lettering, Creating a Graduated Neutral Density Filter, Full Flare Control with The Gimp, Creating Water Drops, How to Create a Web 2.0 Logo Using the Gimp & Preparing an Image for the Web
Videotutoriais GIMP em Metacafe
Videotutoriais GIMP en Youtube, en español e en portugués
Videotutoriais GIMP en Vimeo

Artista: Trans

Venres, Outubro 16th, 2009

” DrOoL!” – TrAnS1- Dreme Skemez

Artista: Roadsworth

Mércores, Outubro 14th, 2009

Normandía, Francia. Setembro de 2005.
We’ve all seen sneakers hanging from telephone wires but what does it mean? It either has something to do with the murder of a fellow gangster or it’s the territorial equivalent of pissing around one’s turf.

Tutoriais de Illustrator en Deviantart

Martes, Outubro 13th, 2009

Illustrator Shapes Tutorial by *milkbun
The Basics Of Illustrator by ~modernreligion
The basics of vectoring by ~modernreligion
Vexel Start Tutorial by binjoo
Illustrator Cs Vector Tutorial Part I, Part II and Part III by yajido
Vexel Tutorial by Jaejoong
Solid to Transparent Gradients by lucky13
Illustrator Vector Tutorial 1 by ~Spekta-
Vehicle Vector Tutorial by AdRoiT-Designs
Human Vector Tutorial by AdRoiT-Designs
Adobe Illustrator Eye Tutorial by bassanimation
Vexel Tutorial: Eyes by binjoo
Illustrator Inking Tutorial by ~kheelan
Illustrator Inking – Tutorial by =lizkay
Illustrator gem tutorial by *bassanimation
Illustrator Tutorial: Pen Tool by ~pwg
Tutorial-102 Adobe Illustrator by ~kapopopoy
Illustrator Coloring Tutorial by ~kheelan
Vectoring Hair by `ChewedKandi
illustrator brush set 1, 2, e 3 by ~nrmb
Illustrator Techniques lb by =inde-graphics
Illustrator Tut – Pathfinders by ~riku-dovienya
Illustrator mesh by ~manahan
Mesh tool in illustrator by ~Violhaine

Artista: Bobby Chiu

Luns, Outubro 12th, 2009

Beam me up scotty
Imaginism studios

Pinceis para Illustrator en Deviantart

Domingo, Outubro 11th, 2009

Brushes in Illustrator CS2 by ~Possy73
Illustrator brushes by *lovecliche
Chalk Illustrator brushes by *melemel
Free Floral Illustrator Brush by *mikomi26 by =yanagi-san
Illustrator brushes by ~Hermit-stock
smoke – illustrator brush pack by =r2010
illustrator brush pack01 by ~joyologo
Snowflake Illustrator Brushes by ~olliesan
Paisley Illustrator Brushes by *Pylo
Illustrator Brush by ~certero27
Brush pack illustrator 001 by ~10stock
Illustrator Brushes by ~artisticfugitive
Circles and Drips – Brushes by ~LukeAvery
Blueplant, Illustrator brush by ~chromarker
Illustrator Brushes 01 by ~mesosalih
Illustrator tutorial – brushes by ~Hermit-stock
Custom Brushes Tutorial by ~Spambi

Artista: Patrick Brown

Sábado, Outubro 10th, 2009