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Domingo, Xullo 10th, 2011

Hans Eichel, Gerhard Schröder, Angela Merkel, Edmund Stoiber e Guido Westerwelle.
Peter Lenk
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Realistic 3D projection on a building

Luns, Agosto 16th, 2010

That’s NOT 3D. It’s stereo 2D!

Dimitri Kalagas & Chris Cork

Venres, Outubro 9th, 2009

Título: Limousine
Campaña: All Day I Dream About Sneakers
Cliente: Adidas
Dimitri Kalagas,
Chris Cork
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Chen Wenling

Martes, Setembro 29th, 2009

What You see Might Not Be Real
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Chen Wenling


Domingo, Novembro 9th, 2008

Autor: descoñezo
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Bye, vai pola sombra…

Sábado, Novembro 1st, 2008

Título: George Bush “If I only had a brain.”

Autor:Amy Vangsgard